Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Advertising, Sponsorship and Review Opportunities

If you are interested in:
  1. Providing Review Units for your product to Canned Energy
  2. Sponsoring the show
  3. Advertising on the blog
  4. Using Canned Energy Materials for promotional purposes
Please email us at cannedenergy@gmail.com

1. Review Units:
In order for Canned Energy to properly review the product, we recommend 3-6 of each product. Our review method involves a 'real world' test during the week, and then a product and taste review live on the show. Our 2 main hosts are often joined by guest reviewers, who also perform their own real world test.
Past Review Units:
  • Crave
  • AMP Energy
  • AMP Sugar Free Energy
  • AMP Relaunch
  • AMP Overdrive
  • AMP Elevate
  • AMP Traction
  • Battery
  • Battery Stripped
  • Ole
  • iSatori Energizer Bullet
2. Sponsoring Canned Energy
If you are interested in sponsoring the Canned Energy Podcast, there are two options.
1. Prerecorded material 10-30 seconds in length, run once or twice in the course of the show.
This material will be subject to review prior to 'broadcasting', and run at the discretion of the hosts. If the ad is not run, payment will be returned to the sponsor.
2. Host will interact with other panelists regarding the sponsor's product, and emphasis the benefits and advantages of the product. Such advertising will last between 20-60 seconds, and be placed within the first 5 minutes, the last 5 minutes, or both parts of the show.

Sponsorships can be arranged for 2, 4, 8, or 16 episodes, with the option to cancel in the time between the publishing of the first and second episode after payment for services rendered. If the sponsorship continues past this point, then option to cancel is no longer applicable.

3. Advertising on the Blog
If you are interested in placing an advertisement on http://cannedenergy.blogspot.com, there are three options.
1. Small banner ad (125t x 200w, 200t x 200w, 300t x 200w)
2. Text (No more then 8 words)
3. Preferment text link (no more then 8 words) for a 1 time payment of $40.
All options will be placed on the right hand navigation panel, linking to URL of your choice.

Options 1 & 2 are available in 4 week, 3 months and yearly sets for a negotiable fee. Option 3 will be a permanent addition to a 'Long Term Sponsors' box on the right hand side.

Ad content must be reviewed and accepted by the hosts, and new sponsors on the blog will receive a mention in the show. The highest paying ads will be listed higher on the page, in descending order, with permanent ads going in order received.

4. Using Canned Energy Materials for Promotional Purposes
If you intend to use any material created by Canned Energy, whether as part of a podcast or on the blog, please inform the hosts of your intentions, and provide a link back to the quoted page or episode, or the main site (Cannedenergy.blogspot.com).
If more then 30 seconds of the podcast is intended for use, a fee may apply.
If you wish to syndicate the Canned Energy Podcast on your site, please inform the hosts, link back to Cannedenergy.blogspot.com and publish away.